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Shawty Lo - B.H.F.

I must admit that Shawty Lo has surprised and impressed with his new mixtape album. I used to fuck with Shawty Lo heavily when he came out and then for some reason he just stopped releasing music and fell by the wayside. But now that he has inked a new deal with 50 Cent he sounds highly rejuvenated here and his production serves him well. This mixtape sounds so Atlanta…so hood. Pocahontas, Big Picture, Cake, I Know, They Say Where You Been and more are simply high quality songs.

Some young Atlanta fire starters currently heating up the streets (Future & Tity Boi) make several appearances as well as MMG rider Wale and fellow M.I.A. rapper J-Money (J-Futuristic). All In all this was a pleasant surprise. Shawty Lo should be back on the radar after this one.


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